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UNHCR recommends focusing on target groups - Coronavirus -

UNHCR recommends focusing on target groups – Coronavirus –

The fact remains: Austria is with a “very high risk”.
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The Traffic Signal Committee recommends that residents adequately prepare for the main opening steps on May 19.

Specifically, the Committee suggests that communication measures for the age group and target group should be intensified, especially for socio-economically disadvantaged or vulnerable groups. This also applies to preparing for vaccination.

The committee also recommends increasing company testing, especially in areas where there is no contact with clients, and facilitating compliance with local protection measures. This means, for example, break rooms with adequate space, tiered change options, mask requirements, and home office where possible.

Vorarlberg with the largest number of cases

Despite – with the exception of Vorarlberg – the downward trend, the committee continued to see Austria in “extremely high risk” at its meeting today. The recommendation, which became known on Wednesday, was only followed to switch the Burgenland region to orange at traffic lights and thus to only high risk. Lower Austria is currently below the threshold of 100 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. However, it remains to be seen whether this trend will be confirmed, as in the case of Burgenland. By far, the largest number of cases was found in the test area in Vorarlberg, where, for example, the restaurant business had been open for a few weeks.

The number of deposits in intensive care units should continue to decrease. The pregnancy for Covid was finally there at 22.5 percent, and according to projections, it will drop to 17 percent.

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