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United States: Democrats launch trillion-dollar social package

Democrats in the U.S. Senate have proposed a $ 1 billion community package. The budget resolution provides for about $ 3.5 trillion (equivalent to three trillion euros) in social spending over ten years. Chairman of the Budget Committee, Bernie Sanders, Talked about the most important legal program. FDR for employees, the elderly, the sick and the poor.President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, d. Red) And the New Testament of the 1930s.

Congress is taking another ambitious plan from the US President Joe Biden Under attack. Earlier, Democrats had already unveiled a massive $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure package. The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday.

Tuition fees must be paid

The Democratic budget resolution presents only the key features of the social package. Among other things, the plan is to take tuition fees at public universities for two years and invest in additional infrastructure projects. In addition, “millions of migrant workers” are to be granted residency status.

Investments should also be made in climate protection. The bill “will bring the United States to a global leadership position in the fight against climate change and make our planet a healthier and more livable place for future generations,” Sanders said. The largest amount is equivalent to Germany’s GDP by 2020.

Senators now have until Sept. 15 to propose changes. Democrats want to bring the plan through the so-called Senate to the Conciliation Process. This would allow it to pass the final speech in the Senate, with a final majority, in the fall, without a Republican vote.

The credit limit can become a problem

In return, Republicans may oppose it elsewhere. This is not included in the resolution Raising the credit limit At the federal level. In 2019, Congress suspended the credit limit for two years, but that decision expired on July 31, bringing back the $ 28 trillion ceiling. The Treasury Department now has only a few weeks without money.

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called on MPs to act on Monday because “most of the debt that was subject to the credit limit was accumulated before this administration took office.” Yellen said Democrats and Republicans have come together in recent years to “do their duty.”