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Bayer: Chemical company loses another glyphosate appointment in the United States

Institute of Agricultural Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Bayer Is the third of his American appeals Because of the herbicide glyphosate carries cancer risks Admitted a defeat. Competent court in San Francisco The plaintiff confirmed a verdict Monday that Bayer should be held accountable for the cancers suffered by Alberta and Alva Pliot. In 2019, the panel first ruled to pay about two billion dollars in damages and fines to a couple. This amount was later reduced to $ 86.7 million.

Bayer’s spokesman said the company respects the court’s decision but does not accept it. The verdict was not supported by the evidence at trial or by applicable law. The case review panel is examining its options.

Bayer was an American seed producer Monsanto Purchased in 2018 for over ில்லியன் 60 billion. In United States Bayer has been seeing himself ever since Faced several glyphosate casesThe team wants to connect with a solution.

So far, only three cases have finally been negotiated in the courts, and the Docs team has lost all three proceedings. Bayer was not successful in the appointment process either. The Leverkusen-based company is highly optimistic that one of the U.S. Supreme Court rulings will be overturned. In that event Supreme Court Not wanting to deal with the glyphosate case or deciding against Bayer, the group recently made additional arrangements for $ 4.5 billion. Bayer had previously set aside more than $ 11 billion for a settlement package to settle U.S. cases.