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United States / France: Relaxation in submarine controversy |

Biden and Macron meet in Europe. This is a one billion dollar military agreement with Australia.

US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed on Wednesday to meet in Europe in October, following a rift between the United States, Australia and Great Britain over the so-called submarine dispute. France, which has withdrawn from Washington, will also send its ambassador next week. It is unclear whether this applies to his ambassador to Canberra.
Washington, London and Canberra recently announced a push toward the Indo-Pacific (Aukus) towards China and caused a crisis with Paris as Australia canceled a multi-billion dollar submarine deal with France in support of US or British nuclear submarines. The EU, however, considers it neglected by the formation of the alliance, which certainly seems arrogant in view of its limited strategic influence in the Pacific. Biden now asked Macron for a phone call.

Johnson at the White House

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met Wednesday at the White House. Johnson traveled by train from New York. Recently there were various problems between them, but these seemed to be forgotten again: Johnson talked about a “special relationship”. The word “fantastic” appeared three times in his inaugural statement that bilateral relations were better than they had been for decades. No comment on the submarine deal and the AUKUS deal.

Biden was wary of a particularly important topic from Brexit to the British: London not only wants a bilateral trade agreement with the United States that Washington does not prioritize, but also joins the USMCA and Mexico between the United States and the United States, Canada. Biden, who has Irish roots, has repeatedly made it clear that he is concerned about the conflict between the EU and Britain over Brexit rules for the British province of Northern Ireland.

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Attack on Austria

Meanwhile, the conflict between the three Anglo-Saxon powers and circles within France and at least in the EU is also affecting Austria: a meeting between French MEP and EPP Vice-Chairman Arnaud Tanzan, President Sebastian Kurz and the Australian Prime Minister during a UN General Assembly meeting in New York. Who is not. ” Kurz signed the “Strategic Partnership Agreement” with the liberal-conservative Morrison in New York for trade, investment, science, education, energy, culture, sports, the digital world and the fight against terrorism. (ag./zoe/red.)