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United States: Marigopa County opposes further investigation into election fraud

It should take 60 days to recount the votes in the 2020 U.S. presidential election in Marigopa County. After 100 days, the self-selection board in the largest district in the state Arizona Election fraud has not yet been discovered – but the nerves of local politicians are tense.

“If you haven’t decided right now that the Marigopa election is free, fair, and clean, I don’t know if you will ever do that,” wrote Jack Sellers, chairman of the Marigopa County Board of Trustees. In a public letter, vendors rejected a soap opera while reviewing November ballots.

“Now it’s August 2021. The November 2020 election is over,” the vendors wrote. No time for “trips to Neverland”. Claim for months Donald Trump And some of his supporters “stole” the presidential election last year.

Republicans loyal to Trump rely on “cyber ninjas” – not yet successful

In the state of Arizona, the charges are particularly long. According to the Trump camp, 270,000 votes were not counted in Marigopa County alone. But so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Marigopa County was close to the election Joe Biden Went, and Democrat Mark Kelly won the Senate election. There were delegates in many places in the Republican Party United States Raised the charge of extensive election manipulation, but could not provide any conclusive evidence. There was also the Marigopa County Electoral Commission In two exams No irregularities were found.

Later, some Republicans loyal to Trump ordered a new vote count and hired a security firm called “Cyber ​​Ninjas.” Last week it was announced that the company would soon submit a report on its findings – but demanded additional documentation.

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“You have hired people who have no experience and little idea how professional elections are conducted, so their ‘exam’ does not come to an end,” he wrote: “No fraud, no voting documents. Asia And no satellite is putting new votes into our system. The time has come for all elected politicians to start telling the truth and stop strengthening conspiracy theories.

In May, a poll found that 26 percent of Americans believed Trump had lost his legitimate election victory last year. If you look only at Republican voters, the results are even clearer: 55 percent said they saw signs of election fraud.

In Arizona, Republican Senator Michael Unkendi-Rita is considered a strong supporter of the election fraud report. She wrote last week TwitterThe election process review was “bad”.

But not all Republicans are still behind Trump and his conspiracy theories. Vendors also belong to the party. He concluded his letter: “It’s time to go.”