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Unofficial guest star in the Austrian premiere “Manta Manta – Part Two” »Ledersent

Unofficial guest star in the Austrian premiere “Manta Manta – Part Two” »Ledersent

| Editorial Board

| 03/30/2023

The return of “Bertie” caused an outright nostalgia among the cinema’s guests at Wienerberg. “Guest” stole the show from everyone.

On March 29 – one day before the official theatrical release – it’s time for the many guests and true Bertie fans at Cineplexx Wienerberg for the Austrian premiere: Til Schweiger’s nickname “Bertie” slips back into his racing suit in “Manta Manta – Second Part”. To do justice to Manta Manta fans’ joy that the long wait is over, the cinema operator has organized a Manta Manta Get-Together competition. In addition to the DJ’s beats, the guests were also offered snacks suitable for the occasion. Sasa Schwarzgerg acted as moderator.

Manta movie as unofficial star

The highlight, however, was the presence of the film’s unofficial star: the yellow Opel Manta of the protagonist, “Bertie.” Almost everyone wanted to see the car live and people took photos with the classic car. At 8:00 pm, it’s finally time to start filming the action comedy premiere.

“Manta fans had to wait a long time for this great movie. That is why it was clear to us that this premiere should be celebrated in a very special way. Cinema is pure entertainment and we also designed the gathering under this motto,” said Florian Furber, Cineplexx Head of Marketing.

ledersent It was at the Austrian premiere. You can see who else was there in our gallery.