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After a year of pain: the GNTM Theresia model shows the result of leg lengthening

After a year of pain: the GNTM Theresia model shows the result of leg lengthening

Lively hamburger Theresa Fisher Making himself into the fourteenth season of Heidi KlumOffer to choose “Germany’s best model” as a name. After the end of the show, she made a name for herself with radical plastic surgery. Fisherman Her legs have been lengthened as part of the plastic surgery. Six years ago, her thighs were lengthened by 8.6 cm.

In March last year it became known that the 30-year-old wants to go under the knife again in order to gain another six centimeters in leg length. This time the lower leg should be longer. The second operation did not go as planned, and Fisher had to operate again due to a pus wound on his leg. “The year has been hell,” the model said in an interview after her recent surgery. Now 1.84m tall, Fisher presents the end result of her leg lengthening on Instagram.

Theresia Fischer shows off her new legs after surgery

Fisher shared a photo of herself wearing shorts in front of a painting. X-rays were also published. During the risky operation in March 2022, the lower leg bones of the former GNTM participant were severed. Telescopic rods were used on both sides, which could then be gradually lengthened independently. The model tells his followers: “Now my legs are 116 cm. Today everything is completely petrified again.” “I am healthy again now.” You are no longer in pain. Fisher can also wear high heels again, as evidenced by the first photo she shared. High heels were not allowed for a long time after the operation.

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At the end of last year, Theresia Fischer sounded less than cheery when she spoke to RTL about complications after her most recent operation. She said the surgery itself was “extreme”. “There was an infection directly affecting the bones, that is, bacteria in the bones,” Fisher said at the time. This “threw her back physically.”