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Unusual Soulslike from the creators of Greedfall coming soon to Steam, GOG and Co.

Unusual Soulslike from the creators of Greedfall coming soon to Steam, GOG and Co.

From Oliver Jaeger
In a few days, Soulslike Steelrising will appear on the major distribution platforms Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. The base game will be available for around €50 and puts the player in the role of a robotic woman who must help the French Revolution succeed.

Developer Spiders and publisher Nacon are creating a new game on September 8th, an unusual blend of science fiction and modern history. Role-playing and “Steelrising” games that look like spirits are now available on popular distribution platforms steamAnd the Gog and the Epic Games Store Available and costs €49.99, and the pastel version with additional content is €10 more. French developer Spiders has managed to make a name for itself with the open-world role-playing game Greedfall, the sequel of which has already been announced.

The Battle of the Machines in the Late Eighteenth Century in France

SteelRising First of all it makes a name for itself with its extraordinary settings. Soulslike is set during the French Revolution, which is suppressed by King Louis XIV using his mechanical army of automated machines; So Steelrising presents an alternate reality in the late 1700s. However, a robot in particular stands out, Aegis, Marie Antoinette’s bodyguard. The Female Machine is a masterpiece of engineer Vaucanson, which you have to visit during the course of the game. Aegis initially follows the Queen’s orders faithfully, but develops a life of his own as more and more decisions are made.

Aegis’ main task is to stop the machinations of tyrannical King Louis XIV and help the French Revolution succeed. To do this, players must fight their way through hordes of mechanical enemies in order to approach their target step by step. The protagonist’s repertoire includes, for example, dodges, dodges, jumps and devastating attacks, which will help players make their way through contested Paris. The capital of France is the stadium at Steelrising: according to the manufacturer, the “detailed” map can be explored using carriages, secret passages and aiming hooks. In addition, other historical figures such as Robespierre or Lafayette must appear in Steelrising.

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Fellows from computer games were already Opportunity to hint at Steelrising in advance. So if you are interested in reading a more detailed review of the game and gameplay, you are in good hands there. Spiders Soulslike Steelrising is coming to PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on September 8th.

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