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UPC expects to close by the end of March

UPC expects to close by the end of March

According to energy suppliers, people in Ukraine will have to prepare for a power outage by at least the end of March. Technicians did their best to repair the damage to the grid before it became more winter, Electricity Company chief Yasno wrote, Serhiy Kovalenkoon Monday on Facebook.

If there is no new damage from the Russian attacks, the power shortage could spread across the country. Then the closing periods are of shorter duration. In the event of new damages, there will be more unplanned power outages again. “Even if there are fewer dropouts now, I want everyone to understand: maybe Ukrainians will have to live with dropouts at least until the end of March,” Kovalenko wrote.

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He advised residents to prepare: “Put on warm clothes and blankets and think about how to survive a prolonged power outage.” Since mid-October, Russia has destroyed Ukraine’s energy system with massive missile attacks, in violation of international law. Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk He advised Ukrainian refugees abroad in October not to return home until next spring if possible.

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