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Update 1.17 will be released in less than a week

From Julius Cal
After the official postponement of update 1.17 for Minecraft, there is now a solid release date. From June 8, 2021, players can immerse themselves in new cliffs and caves and discover some valuable caves. Perhaps the biggest change relates to ore mining.

Even in 2021, the brick game Minecraft is an indispensable part of the video game world. The title is now available on the most popular gaming platforms and is regularly provided with new updates, which are meant to keep players interested. Block game fans have been eagerly waiting for the 1.17 update, which is called “Caves & Cliffs Update” and anticipate the new features that will come with it.

Minecraft: What does update 1.17 contain?

as we informedUpdate 1.17 for Minecraft It was initially delayed. Some innovations should appear this summer, the rest around Christmas. There is now a release date for at least the first part. On June 8th, 2021, players can download the new update and make several discoveries in the process. On the other hand, the rough veins, which can now also meander through the rock and no longer stay in one place, are new.

Update 1.17 also brings binoculars to explore, many new blocks such as drip leaves as well as amethyst, copper and new creatures. The latter includes climbing goats, which can also pose a danger to the player with their nuts. There is also glowing squid and epsolute in the water. It is not yet clear when the Cave 2 update will be released, but Mojang indicated that players will be able to enjoy the patch this year.

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those: mojang’s blog

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