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Genshin Impact (Rollenspiel) von miHoYo

Update 1.6 brings the summer mood at the beginning of June

The wide sea, romantic bays, fresh summer clothes, new playable character Kaihara Kazuha – that’s what Summer Update 1.6 is about role-playing Jinshin effect, Which will be released on Wednesday 9 June. MiHoYo title is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS and Android devices – key implementation is also in progress. Technical Director Zhenzhong Yi explains on the German PlayStation Blog:

“With the world of Teyvat on the verge of a hot summer, we have prepared custom summer outfits and a whole new range of marine and island adventures to keep our passengers calm in all temperatures in the next update. However, it has been said, Kazuha, the first new playable character of Inazuma, join us and enter a new chapter in the Archon missions.

Genshin Impact 1.6: The Big Summer Update

Travelers who have completed the main story in Liyue can go to Kazuha and the new Archon Mission. You can also spend the summer for a limited time with version 1.6 in Teyvat’s unknown marine area.

summer! Carrots? Adventure!

If you enjoy sailing, exploring and fighting, we might have the right thing for you in our Seasonal Promo 1.6: “Summer! Islands? Adventure!” The story begins when Kelly receives a mysterious message from the “King of the Dodo” threatening her to take her dodoku away. To help Klee and Dodoco, a surfer sails and explores a remote archipelago that stretches across a remote marine area.

This time, the seasonal promo will be split into four stages, each with unique gameplay. In the first stage, players must sail a boat known as a surfer and destroy the enemy’s drifting towers and castles by either firing cannons at the boat or fighting in person. In the next stage, players are challenged to a boat and flying competition. In the third stage, players’ fighting skills are tested against new opponent Magu Kinki. Finally, players are required to remove nearby monster fortifications with three types of harpastum grenades.

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On this occasion, we would also like to tell more about the new beast, Maguu Kenki, which was just mentioned. Maguu Kenki is distinguished by his unique Inazuma look, his own attacking style. When Maguu Kenki’s health drops below a certain level, the Phantoms are summoned, dealing players with Anemo and Cryo damage. Additionally, any long-range attack will be blocked unless Maguu Kenki engages in hand-to-hand combat, forcing players to head-to-head.

Numerous rewards await at the promotional agent. There you can obtain various items and resources, including the new 4-star “Dodoco Stories” Trigger and the ability to optimize this Trigger to the highest level if you have enough “shiny clams” and “mini harpasta”, which you can get in Work challenges.


Inazuma a little closer

Kaedehara Kazuha, the first playable character from Inazuma, will also be added in version 1.6. By mastering the power of anemo and using the sword, Kazuha not only possesses a versatile fighting style but also offers rewards to fellow soldiers under certain conditions.

Kazuha’s primary ability “Chihayaburu” releases a fast stream of wind that pulls objects and enemies back to their current position before they are thrown far into the area of ​​influence, damaging anemo and Kazuha in the air. When Kazuha is in midair due to Chihayaburu’s influences, he can launch a special autumn attack, “Midare Ranzan”, which damages anemu and creates a small wind tunnel that attracts nearby objects and enemies. With his special “Kazuha Strike” attack, he suddenly attacks his opponents while damaging the anemo zone and leaves behind a storm field that constantly damages the anemo area of ​​all opponents in certain time periods. To make Kazuha stronger, both his primary ability and his special ability can inflict additional elemental damage when it comes into contact with hydropower, Peruvian, hail, or electric power.

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Kazuha provides additional support for troops, making it a great choice for your troops. If Kazuha unleashes a Vortex, he can award his fellow troopers an elemental damage reward to the corresponding item. Another passive talent can reduce the stamina consumption of all members of a player’s forces when running.

In the latest mission to Archon, Kazuha will also reveal clues about the road to Inazuma, which is isolated farther and farther away. For some reason, this wandering samurai is wanted by a guide in Inazuma and thus travels with the Beidou fleet, Crux, where the Crux, the main martial arts competition, will take place.

More improvements and functions

As always, at the end of the day we want to bring to your attention some adjustments that our team has made, based on serious considerations and player feedback, to improve the gaming experience! Some of you may have noticed when the patch was introduced shortly after version 1.5. This patch aims to improve performance in several ways, including increasing the frame rate on PS5 and PS4.

If you liked the amount of fun that was previously introduced, in version 1.6 you will also be able to invite your characters to stay in your world. The characters in your jug ​​of pleasure gradually strengthen their friendship with you over time, and this growth becomes more evident with more skillful strength. ”

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