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US and Russian foreign ministers meet in Iceland

In his first official meeting with his new US counterpart Anthony Bling, he stressed Moscow’s readiness to normalize relations with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Washington. Lavrov thanked Blinkan in Reykjavk for the possibility of a personal interview, as Interfox announced on Thursday. This meeting is about how Russia-US relations can be developed regardless of many differences.

At the beginning of the conversation Blinken said: “It’s no secret that we have our differences.” US President Joe Biden has told Kremlin President Vladimir Putin that the United States will react if Russia acts aggressively against the United States or its allies and allies, Blinken said. Lavrov added: “Our assessments of the international situation are widely different, and there are completely different approaches to the tasks we have to address to rectify the situation.” Nevertheless, there are issues in international politics where both sides have the same interests and the opportunity to work together.

The two ministers are expected to discuss a summit between Putin and Biden in a European country in June. The Kremlin has not yet approved Biden’s proposal, which he justifies by continuing to analyze the situation. Lavrov also wanted to discuss with Blingen the recent escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs, and questions about the situation and strategic stability in Afghanistan.

The ministers met on the sidelines of a meeting of the Arctic Council chaired by Russia on Thursday for the next two years. At the biennial ministerial meeting, the former head of the Icelandic Council, Reykjavk, will officially hand over the leadership to the Russians.

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