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US: Boeing 737 Max 9 – Indefinite flight ban for Economy

US: Boeing 737 Max 9 – Indefinite flight ban for Economy

The US Federal Aviation Administration has banned the flights Boeing 737 Max 9-The flight was extended indefinitely. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Friday (local time) that the current flight ban for 171 flights “helps protect the safety of US travelers”. 40 aircraft to be re-inspected. The Commission will review the results and decide whether the protection is adequate Maximum 9 Let it fly again.

The commission actually announced on Monday that the flight ban would be lifted once the flights were inspected. “We are very focused on the manufacturing process,” FAA Administrator Mike Whittaker told Reuters on Friday. Under strict supervision, the regulator monitors production lines and suppliers Boeing 737 Max 9 Cheque.

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It will consider having an independent body take over some aspects of safety certification of new aircraft, which the FAA previously assigned to the aircraft manufacturer.

After a dramatic incident, part of the cabin broke Boeing 737 Max 9 At an altitude of about 4,900 meters, US air traffic control stopped 171 flights of this type from taking off last week. An eight-week-old Alaska Airlines jet broke apart after takeoff with 177 people on board and tore a door-sized hole high above rows of seats. However, the pilots were able to turn the engine around and make an emergency landing. There were some minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt.

During the investigation, the American airline United Airlines found loose screws in this type of engine. 737 max 9 was discovered. Alaska Airlines and United Airlines have already had to cancel hundreds of flights last week due to the flight ban. Both airlines were all in on Friday Maximum 9Flights were canceled through Tuesday — and United canceled a few more in the following days.

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