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Maine pulls Donald Trump out of primary – DW – December 29, 2023

Maine pulls Donald Trump out of primary – DW – December 29, 2023

Maine is now the second US state to have a former president Donald Trump Excluded from the upcoming primary for the White House. According to the constitutional amendment, a Republican is “unfit to be president,” said Shenna Bellows, a Democrat who oversees elections in Maine. In an official document, he mentioned Trump's role in attacking the Capitol nearly three years ago.

The events of January 2021 took place “with the command and knowledge and support” of the president-elect, Bellows continued. In case of a legal challenge, the decision will first be suspended. Under the amendment, after taking an oath to defend the Constitution, any person who incites rebellion against it cannot hold public office.

“Election Fraud Attempt”

Trump's campaign described Bellows' decision as an “attempt to steal the election” and announced legal action against it. The Democratic challenger received support Joe Biden From his Republican ranks. The governor of the state of Florida has criticized Ron DeSantis, The decision in Maine: “It opens Pandora's box.” DeSantis is running against Trump in the Republican presidential race.

“It opens Pandora's box”: Ron DeSantis, governor of the US state of Florida (archive image)Image: Mandel Nagan/AFP/Getty Images

Last week, the Supreme Court in Colorado ruled that Trump He was barred from running in his party's presidential election because of his role in the attack on the Capitol. The judges also referred to the constitutional amendment. At the same time, the sensational decision has been postponed till January 4 to give time for legal appeals.

Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon…

Similar measures have been initiated in other states as well. In Michigan and Minnesota, these ended in Trump's favor. No decision has yet been made in Oregon. Ultimately, the Supreme Court of the United States is likely to… Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. Have the last word.

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Trump is considered The race for the Republican presidential nomination A huge favorite, he is leading the polls by a wide margin. Iowa primaries begin in mid-January. In Maine and Colorado they are scheduled for early March. The primary winner will face the 81-year-old Biden, who defeated Trump in the November election 2020 Presidential Election had defeated

Last word on Trump matters: US Supreme Court in Washington (archive image)Image: Maryam Juhaib/AP Photo/Image Alliance

So far, Trump has refused to concede defeat and has repeatedly made completely baseless allegations of massive election fraud. On January 6, 2021, Trump's ardent supporters stormed Congress, where Biden's election victory was finally confirmed. Not long ago, he called on Republicans to march on the Capitol and fight “no matter what the hell.”

The 77-year-old has twice been accused of trying to stay in power by rigging election results. One of the criminal proceedings was initiated by the federal judiciary and the other in the state of Georgia. Trials are expected to begin next year – in the middle of the election campaign.

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