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US conducts military exercises with 2,000 troops in Austria – Austria-News

The conflict between Russia and the West is intensifying. To prove its effectiveness, the U.S. military is moving more troops.

Austria has traditionally described itself as a neutral country, but this summer it will be part of a larger NATO exercise. From May 7, Operation Defender will move troops across the United States as part of Europe 21.

2,000 soldiers will travel on Austrian rails and roads. Most of them are from US bases in Germany and the Netherlands. From Austria they will travel to southern Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia. This exercise should have taken place last year, but was canceled due to corona infection.

U.S. soldiers are being tested for corona at the border

U.S. troops will spend the night in Austrian camps, and their counterparts will be supported with logistics services. ÖBB will carry heavy equipment and local professionals will take over refueling the vehicles. To guarantee the safety of its own people, Austrian troops must carry out a corona test on the border.

In recent weeks, Russia has stationed tens of thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine and on the annexed Crimean peninsula, some of whom are now withdrawing. For their part, the United States and its European partners have been responding with spy planes around the Black Sea. The Americans explain that the purpose of “Defender Europe 21” is to “demonstrate the capability of American weapons to Europe and Africa” ​​and to “maintain a blockade in northern Europe, while at the same time transferring troops to other areas.”

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