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Officials’ decision: Green light for Johnson & Johnson in the United States

Status: 04/24/2021 02:11 am

U.S. Health officials have recommended the immediate resumption of corona vaccines with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. These were suspended after isolated cases of thrombosis.

U.S. health officials have given the green light from Johnson & Johnson to renew the corona vaccine. The vaccine should be re-vaccinated, the FDA and CDC Health Authority announced after the recommendation of an expert commission. The benefits of the agent outweigh the risks, which was said to be justified.

U.S. officials suspended vaccinations with the J&J vaccine on April 13 because there were multiple cases of blood clots among those vaccinated. The CDC therefore advised the Expert Commission to reconsider the safety of the J&J vaccine. It now recommends the use of the vaccine based on emergency FDA approval for use by everyone 18 years of age and older.

EMA also recommends use

Johnson & Johnson’s corona vaccine has been approved in the European Union since March; But it has not yet been managed there. After examining cases of blood clots in the United States regarding the vaccine, the European Pharmaceuticals Association announced this week that it will stick with its recommendation for the vaccine. The company justified its decision by saying that the benefits of the US vaccine outweigh the risks.

By April 13, more than seven million U.S. citizens had been vaccinated, according to the EMA. In eight cases, severe thrombosis occurred after vaccination, one of which was fatal. The Johnson & Johnson vector virus vaccine is easy to store and requires only a single dose for immunization.

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