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US criticizes Israel's statement on Gaza settlement

US criticizes Israel's statement on Gaza settlement

The US State Department has strongly criticized statements made by the Israeli government regarding the expulsion of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. “The United States rejects recent statements by Israeli ministers Bezalel Smodrich and Itamar Ben-Givir advocating the relocation of Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip,” US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in Washington yesterday.

“This rhetoric is irritating and irresponsible,” Miller continued. The Israeli government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have repeatedly assured that such statements do not represent the government, Miller said. “You must stop immediately.” The Gaza Strip is Palestinian land and will remain so when not controlled by Hamas.

“Israel is not another star on the American flag”

Right-wing extremist police minister Ben-Khir immediately blocked any criticism from the US: “I respect America very much, but with all due respect, Israel is not another star on the US flag,” he wrote on the X platform (tweet).

“The evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people from Gaza will allow residents of the Gaza Strip to return home. America is our good friend, but above all we will do what is best for Israel,” he added.

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