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US: House Republicans unite behind Trump

US: House Republicans unite behind Trump

The Republican Party for the leadership of the US House of Representatives united behind former President Donald Trump during the election campaign. And the Republic Tom Emmer has now announced his support for the 77-year-old in the presidential election in November – a day after House Majority Leader Steve Scalise.

As “Majority Whip”, Emmer is responsible for organizing the majority in the parliamentary committee. He wrote on platform X, earlier on Twitter, that it is time for the party to rally behind a leader who has what it takes to take the country on track. Trump has the entire Republican leadership in the House of Representatives behind him.

Its leader House of RepresentativesMike Johnson and Elise Stefanik, the third Republican in the room, have already sided with Trump — Stefanik, a Trump supporter, a year ago, shortly after the former president announced his renewed candidacy.

The 77-year-old loves to be with Presidential election
He will be the Republican nominee again in November, and polls show he is leading Republican candidates so far. As for the Democratic Party, President Joe Biden wants to run for a second term. He has no fierce internal competition. Anyone who wants to run for president in the United States, either Republican or Democratic, must first win the party's internal primaries. The primary series begins on January 15th with the first Republican vote in the state of Iowa.