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US: Defense Minister Austin discharged from hospital

US: Defense Minister Austin discharged from hospital

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been released from hospital after a two-week stay. Austin is recovering well and will “perform his duties remotely before returning to the Pentagon full-time,” the Pentagon said in a statement. He has “full access to the necessary secure communication channels” but will return to the Pentagon as quickly as possible.

Austin thanked his doctors and nursing staff at Walter Reed Army Hospital. He received “professional and excellent support” there. He was admitted on New Year's Day due to prostate cancer. However, according to the Pentagon, the cancer was treated early and effectively.

Since the beginning of the year he has been treated for complications resulting from an operation in December – at one point in the intensive care unit. According to his ministry, Austin was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer in December.

Austin's illness has caused a stir in Washington

Although he was admitted on January 1, the White House was not informed until January 4 and Congress a day later. The Pentagon only announced the reason for the stay on January 9.

Some Republicans called for Austin's resignation over the events and accused him of not immediately informing Congress, contrary to legal requirements. A US Secretary of Defense's duties include in the event of a nuclear attack America Available anytime.

Despite the criticism, US President Joe Biden says he wants to stick with his defense secretary. However, the White House and the Pentagon launched internal investigations into the case.