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US Election 2024: Obama instead of Biden

US Election 2024: Obama instead of Biden

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Old, very senile, and very unpopular – doubts are growing about whether Joe Biden can stand up to Donald Trump in the US election. But maybe there is a backup plan.

WASHINGTON – He is now 81 years old US President Joe Biden Is he really still fit enough to fight a tough election campaign against rival Donald Trump and then another four-year term? This question concerns not only potential voters, but also Biden's party colleagues US elections 2024 around. Because the supposed mistakes of the current president make confidence in him waver over and over again.

Just a few days ago, Biden met with French President Emmanuel Macron at a campaign event His predecessor, François Mitterrand, who died nearly 30 years ago, was at a loss.. And this is by no means the only strange mistake he has made in recent years. He referred to Ukrainians as Iranians in a speech or read speech instructions from a teleprompter during his speech: “It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register and vote regularly is higher than the percentage of men. End quote. Repeat the sentence.”

Candidates for the 2024 US elections: Donald Trump regularly suffers from strange imbalances

It has long been clear to his political opponents that Biden must be senile, even though they are their candidate Donald Trump At 77, he is slightly younger than Biden He also allows himself a lot of weird mistakes. He recently conflated his Republican rival, Nikki Haley, with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Elsewhere he spoke of how when he was elected US president in 2016, he won “a battle everyone said he couldn’t win” – specifically against Barack Obama. In fact, Hillary Clinton was his rival in the struggle for the White House.

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Unlike Biden, such mistakes do not appear to harm Trump. In the post-truth era, his followers ignore the mistakes of their self-appointed people.”Geniuses are very stable“, while in the case of his opponent a weakness is immediately announced that calls into question his ability to hold office. This completely asymmetrical view may seem illogical, but it has an impact. Far more Americans view Biden as “too old” to He is not allowed a second term compared to Trump.

Will Michelle Obama run against Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden? (Archive photo from the September 11 memorial service) © dpa/Shawn Thew

In this exact situation, former First Lady Michelle Obama is now fueling speculation that has been secretly circulating in Washington for months. Speaking about the election, Obama said on Jay Shetty's “On Purpose” show: “I'm very afraid of what could happen. […] We cannot take this democracy for granted. And sometimes I worry that we do. […] These are the things that don't let me sleep.” The Democrat is alluding to statements made by Trump, who declared that if re-elected he would act like a dictator against his opponents for one day.

Has Obama already announced his candidacy for the 2024 US elections?

Obama said preventing such efforts is important. But in all polls, Donald Trump currently has a clear lead over Joe Biden. Only a criminal conviction of Trump can turn things around, according to campaign experts. But whether Trump will actually have to accept such a serious legal hit before the election on November 5 is currently entirely uncertain. So the question is whether Democrats are willing to put everything on this ticket.

As early as the fall of 2023, there was speculation about an alternative scenario in which Michelle Obama, not Joe Biden, would run against Donald Trump. This speculation now has double support: on the one hand, her candidacy plans are explained in Obama's audio statements, and on the other hand, she is said to have already considered the idea of ​​running for president in 2022, as was the case only announced a few days ago. Cindy Adams, one of the most prominent community correspondents in the United States of America, revealed in… New York PostMichelle Obama met with some major hedge fund CEOs in New York in the summer of 2022 and is said to have announced: “I'm running and I'm asking for your support.”

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Was a stunning candidate change planned without a primary?

This would constitute a 180-degree shift from Obama's oft-repeated doctrine that she has no political ambitions. She even stated in 2018 that she “doesn't have the same passion for politics” as her husband. But it has been a long time since then, and the prospect of a second Trump term may have prompted a rethink. Now liberal and conservative American media are speculating About a stunning change of candidates among the Democrats. Either advertised as a scenario of hope or conspiracy.

Therefore, Joe Biden is likely to announce next May that he will not run for a second term for health reasons. At this point, the primaries are long over and Trump will likely be the official contender since Super Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at the latest. In August, Democrats then nominate Michelle Obama as the replacement nominee at their nominating party convention and elect her presidential nominee in a landslide, without the usual pre-election internal party wars.

In the televised debates in September and October, Michelle Obama, who is popular, relatively young, and oratorically skilled, will compete against Donald Trump – a scenario in which many Democrats clearly expect their party to win, as opposed to what appears to be the case. Biden. However, it is still unclear who will run alongside Obama for vice president. Vice President Biden Kamala Harris It no longer matters – on the one hand, a team of two black women makes no political sense, and on the other hand, according to opinion polls, Harris is no more popular than Biden.

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