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US Elections: “Three Plans to Save America”

US Elections: “Three Plans to Save America”

Manchester Airport: Donald Trump welcomed by Trump supporters. © Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump It has never won an election, at least by the votes cast. Nevertheless, he became president in 2016, dangerously close to re-election in 2020 — and could begin his second term in the fall. Is it just because of American suffrage? Or is it that, like many right-wing populists, he succeeds in convincing society that he speaks for the majority?

This week we're talking about “The Tyranny of the Minority.” Political area With American best-selling author and political scientist Daniel Ziplot. Ziplot, who teaches at Harvard University, describes how American electoral law and institutions have fostered a development in which one party has long been able to govern even after losing a majority of the population. Author of a book published in Germany Tyranny of Minorities Analyzes the development of America For a multiracial society, for the first time, a long-dominant population group has to fear losing not only its majority, but also its status. Ziplot says: America has experienced a measurable democratic backsliding over the past twenty years. Bestselling author (How democracy dies) offers advice on how to save American democracy. And he explains why he finds Germany “inspiring”.

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