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US: Former Trump adviser warns Joe Biden wants to introduce “plant-based beer”

The confusing statement by former Trump adviser Larry Goodlow caused ridicule and malice on Twitter. Former Economic Adviser to the former President Donald Trump Rail on American broadcast The fox About the US President’s planned “Green New Deal” Joe Biden – and said Americans will be forced to stop eating meat in the future. Beer is no longer the same as before – rather “plant based”.

Goodlow moderates one on “Fox Business” Weekly broadcast. In it he said Biden’s recent climate protection goals would force U.S. citizens not to eat meat, fish, seafood, eggs or dairy products. He outlines the threatening scene for Independence Day: July 4th No more burgers, no steaks on the grill. Get ready: You can sip a plant-based beer, grill brussels sprouts and the American flag. “

“Thanks, Joe Biden”

After all, the statement that there would only be “plant-based beer” delighted many viewers of the show. Democratic U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer intervened on Twitter. He saw the Oscars through “plant-based beer” and Schumer posted himself with a photo. “Thank you, Joe Biden,” he added paradoxically.

Beer has been made from plants for 505 years: hops and malt. This is what the German Purity Law, which was written at the time, provides. On the other hand, there is no place for beer in meat. Even if you do not follow the hygiene law, only a few breweries should be tempted to mix chicken or beef in their beer.

“Only false claims about evil liberals”

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman CriticizedWhat Goodlow is doing here is being careful about throwing smoke candles: “There are no meat restrictions in Pitton’s plan.” Believed, because it applies to the story of liberal meaning. “

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Beaten’s real plans are behind the conflict. The U.S. president announced a breakthrough in climate protection, and last week he invited 40 heads of state and government to a virtual climate summit. Biden wants to be CO2Emission United States, To halve at least half by 2030, compared to values ​​since 2005 – a goal twice as high as the Obama administration at the time.