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US – Trump wall no longer has money

US – Trump wall no longer has money

The U.S. Department of Defense has suspended all plans to fund the construction of a wall on Mexico’s border. Following a similar decision by US President Joe Biden, the Pentagon “will end all military wall construction projects with funds initially allocated for other military purposes,” Deputy State Department spokesman Jamal Brown said Friday. The Pentagon has begun “all necessary action.”

Biden’s Republican frontrunner Donald Trump had promised in his election campaign that a wall would be built along the entire border with Mexico. At first, he wanted to force Mexico to accept the cost of building the wall, but failed. After Trump denied funding for the project, he ordered billions of dollars from the Pentagon budget to build the border wall.

Shortly after taking office on January 20, Biden announced the completion of the wall construction. The halt to construction projects “shows the continued commitment of this government to protect our nation and support our military members and their families.” (Aba)

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