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US: House Judiciary Committee Wants to Subpoena Biden’s Son

US: House Judiciary Committee Wants to Subpoena Biden’s Son

The Republic Family members of US President Joe Biden want to subpoena members of the House Judiciary Committee. Subpoenas have already been issued to Biden’s son Hunter and the president’s brother James Biden. House of Representatives said. This is another attempt by Republicans to prove Biden wrong and impeach him. So far this attempt has not been successful.

The move by board chairman James Comer was long-awaited. Republicans are talking about a muddled picture of Biden’s influence Family During business, especially abroad. The subpoenas require Hunter and James Biden and former business partner Rob Walker to testify before the Judiciary Committee.

To date, no evidence of abuse of power has been reported

MPs have demanded that Sarah Biden, wife of James Biden, and Hallie Biden, wife of the US president’s late second son Pew, voluntarily appear for interviews, which will be transcribed.

James and Hunter Biden did not immediately comment on the matter. Both the White House and the Biden family’s personal lawyers have dismissed the investigation as politically motivated to harm the president. They say the investigation is a blatant attempt to support former President Donald Trump. He wants to contest again in the next election.

Republicans have been investigating Biden’s family since January. Gomer says the panel uncovered “mountains of evidence” showing the president abused his power and repeatedly lied about a “wall” between his political activities and his sons’ personal activities. To date, however, no evidence has emerged that Biden abused his role or accepted bribes in his current or previous positions.

Correction note: An earlier version of the article said the House Judiciary Committee wanted to subpoena two of the president’s sons. However, James Biden is Joe Biden’s brother. We apologize for the error and correct it.