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US maneuvers with South Korea: North Korea sees “red line”

After the US and South Korea announced new military exercises this year to deter North Korea, the State Department has threatened tougher reactions. A spokesman in Pyongyang accused it of pursuing anti-American policies. Together with their allies, they have brought the situation on the Korean Peninsula to “an extreme red line,” he was quoted as saying by state-controlled media today.

The spokesman also criticized a statement by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in Seoul this week that US strategic weapons systems such as fighter jets or aircraft carriers would be sent back to the peninsula. North Korea will show a “strong response” according to the policy of “nuclear weapons against nuclear weapons and total conflict against total conflict”.

The conflict has intensified since last year

The conflict with North Korea has escalated significantly since last year. The country, ruled by autocracy Kim Jong Un, has increased the range and pace of its tests with nuclear-capable missiles, despite being banned by UN resolutions. South Korea and the US resumed full-scale military exercises.

The Air Forces of the two countries conducted a joint exercise off the west coast of South Korea yesterday, the Ministry of Defense in Seoul announced today. American B-1B bombers and fighters were used from both sides.

“Recent Air Force exercises demonstrate America’s willingness and ability to provide a strong and credible enhanced deterrent against threats posed by North Korean nuclear weapons and missiles.” By enhanced deterrence, the United States means the “full breadth” of its military capabilities in defense. of South Korea, including nuclear weapons.

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