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US media on Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine

D.Ukraine is far away, and this is exactly what the US media has been feeling for the past few weeks. Vladimir Putin In this country, after all, Trump once roamed when he was president and his government intervened in the 2016 U.S. election campaign. Even after the Russian military invaded Ukraine, the events here are seen as conflicts on the other end of the world, shaped by explanatory elements (“Why is Russia occupying Ukraine?”), Eyewitnesses and reporter reports, and the president’s reaction. பிடன்

Most of the American media has supported Pita in recent weeks and welcomed his clear words and initial restrictions and their current expansion. “Mr. Biden overcame this crisis with toughness, patience, perseverance and dignity,” the New York Times wrote. Some called for rigorous study; For example, ABC News criticized Biden for imposing sanctions on Russia’s banks and the elite, but for not acting decisively enough against the Russian economy and against Putin. Politico has warned that Biden allowed Putin to fool him into believing he could “manage”. However, the view of the geopolitical significance of the crisis, which is by no means “unmanageable,” is surprisingly blurred. The editorial in the New York Times revolved around Biden’s outrageous question as to where Putin got his rights to his attacks. There is no justification for Putin’s actions, the newspaper reiterated this very clear fact, and he must now face the consequences.