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Equal pay in football: agreement in US | Sports | DW

Megan Robino and her cast have achieved their goal by fighting for years for equal pay for the American Football Association. The American Football Association has now announced that the smoking controversy since 2019 has been resolved. The income gap between the players is thus closed and the match bonus for the World Cup is adjusted. However, the contract has yet to be signed and approved by the court.

“We stand proudly together to resolve our differences and bring more justice to football,” said the American team and the women’s national team. Robinho tweeted: “If we win, everyone will win!” It was “a wonderful day”.

According to the AFP news agency, the deal is worth $ 24 million. 22 million is to be given to players, the rest goes to funds to support them later in their lives and to promote women and girls football.

“Forced to the edge”

Robin, a two-time world champion (2015 and 2019) and 2012 Olympic champion, has been arguing for equal pay in American football for years. The 36-year-old said during a recent visit to the White House by US President Joe Biden, “I know there are millions of people in the world who are marginalized because of their gender. I and my team are there for them.”

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