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US Open - Mats Wellander has doubts about Alexander Zverev: "The best next to Djokovic, but ..."

US Open – Mats Wellander has doubts about Alexander Zverev: “The best next to Djokovic, but …”

“In terms of his physical abilities and his physical play, I think Sasha (Zverev, Enm. D. Reed.) He is the best player in the world right now alongside Novak Djokovic.” Eurosport expert Mats Wellander Before the US Open (Live on Eurosport from August 30).

“Sasha has taken his game to the next level,” said the Swede, praising Zverev’s development this year. However, Wellander revealed his doubts about the fourth seed’s World Grand Slam win: “But I don’t know if he was emotionally able to handle the situation where he was leading by two sets in a Grand Final. . . “

Wellander was playing on what was probably the worst defeat of Zverev’s career In the US Open final last year against Dominic Thiem in a. After leading the set 2-0, Zverev gave up the match and lost to the Austrian, who was already suffering from cramps, in the fifth set tiebreak.

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But even after his defeat at Flushing Meadows, Zverev did not give up.

“The way he’s been playing since the US Open, he showed us that events haven’t changed his tennis,” says Wellander, “After the US Open, we thought he might have a problem, but he doesn’t have any.”

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Despite an “incredible comeback” from Zverev, Wellander sees Novak Djokovic as the favorite at the US Open. “Novak Djokovic is the favorite because he knows what it means to win a Grand Slam. There is no other player. (From Favorites Circle, Editor’s Note) He’s done it before and that’s why Novak is the favourite, not Sasha.”

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Another reason for Djokovic’s favorite status, according to Weylander, is the prospect of historical success. “He has a chance to achieve something he hasn’t done before: the Grand Slam. You probably only have the chance to do it once in your career. Novak knows that,” said Wellander. Say, “Man, I’ve won four Grand Slam titles in one calendar year, and I have all the titles from 2021 at home. Awesome!” This motivates him to keep going.”

The tennis legend doesn’t want to rule out German Zverev’s US Open success: “I’m not saying he can’t. Because in my opinion he has the most dangerous match going on for young players at the moment.”

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