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Sachsenring MotoGP live stream: qualifying on a wet track

Sachsenring MotoGP live stream: qualifying on a wet track

10:57 a.m

MotoGP Q1: No spots

Marquez gets into the pits and shows the mechanics that the track is not yet ready for slicks. On his second attempt, he was out again with the bike and fresh rain tyres.

10:56 a.m

MotoGP Q1: Oliveira second

Marquez leads the time by 1:27 laps. Oliveira moves into second place and Binder improves to third.

10:54 a.m

MotoGP Q1: Marquez sends

The first times are over and Marc Marquez is a second ahead of Morbidelli.

Bender ranks himself sixth.

10:53 a.m

MotoGP Q1: The second bike is speckled

Marquis off the track with HRC chassis and rain tires. In the pit lane, his mechanics roll the second moto with a Kalex chassis and slicks ready to pit.

It doesn’t rain anymore and there may be an alternation of splashes.

10:49 a.m

MotoGP Q1: Marc Marquez is here

In addition to Marc Marquez, Brad Bender is also present at the first quarter. But Vinales and Morbidelli could also take one of the first two places. It will definitely be exciting!

10:43 a.m

MotoGP FT: Checked Flag – Marc Marquez’s best time

Practice ends and on the last lap, Marc Marquez clocks 1:29.269 minutes. This puts him ahead of his brother Alex as the fastest. Behind them are Zarco, Pizzicki, Miller, Alex Espargaro, Augusto Fernandez, Bagnaia, Morbidelli and Viñales.

10:35 a.m

MotoGP FT: Zarco’s best time

Zarco led with a time of 1:29.390 minutes. In the last minutes we will see some improvements in time. During pit stops, teams work on setup. For example, on the Honda Marquis, the rear damper has been modified, as well as the front fork.

10:29 a.m

MotoGP FT: Bezzecchi’s best time

The Italian paused for a while and got back on the road again. Bezzecchi set a new best time of 1:29.877 minutes. The track is drying slowly and the slicks probably won’t be used now – but maybe then in qualifying!

10:24 a.m

MotoGP FT: Standings

Viñales leads the time ahead of Miller, Aleix Espargaro, Bagnaia and Morbidelli.

Once Quartararo caught slipping spectacularly. It’s the eighth.

Marc Marquez can be found in the twelfth position.

10:21 a.m

MotoGP FT: Bezzecchi warned

The race officials warn Pezzicchi about the situation with Marquez. Obviously, it was his fault as he suddenly released the gas on the perfect line.

10:20 a.m

MotoGP FT: The Aprilia duo up front

Since it is no longer raining, the lap times improve significantly with each lap. Viñales leads the classification by 1:30 minutes over his teammate Aleix Espargaro. Did Aprilia fix the lack of rain in Argentina?

10:10 a.m

MotoGP FT: Preparing for qualifying

The track is wet but seems to be drying slowly. It’s a cold morning with a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. If it stays wet, it’s mainly the drivers preparing for the time attack on the wet track.

10:00 a.m

Moto2: Qualifying directly for Q2

Pedro Acosta (Calyx)
Alonso Lopez (Boscoscoro)
Manuel Gonzalez (Calyx)
Philip Salak (Calex)
Jake Dixon Calix
Firmin Aldeguer (Boscoscoro)
Joe Roberts Calix
Tony ArbolinoCalks
Sam LowesKalex
Bo Bindsnyder (Calyx)
Albert Arenas (Calyx)
Jeremy Cuba Calux
Sean Dylan KellyCakes
Celestino Vitti (Calyx)

09:59 am

Moto2 T3: Boscoscuro’s double lead

In the closing minutes, teammates Alonso López and Firmin Aldeger set the fastest laps. López had a best time of 1:34.449 minutes. With that, the training ends. Behind the Boscoscuro duo, Zonta van den Goorbergh is third.

Pedro Acosta is fourth, seven-tenths of a second. Championship leader Tony Arpolino was 13th. Lukas Tolović was 2.8 seconds behind and 24th.

Of course, this training has no effect on the overall result.

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