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US President Biden delivers his first speech to the US Congress – politics –

US President Biden delivers his first speech to the US Congress – politics –

Joe Biden turns on the repair engine

Three months after taking office, US President Joe Biden delivers his first speech to the House and Senate within a few hours. The title marks the end of his first 100 days in office. As announced in advance from the White House, Biden wants to propose a major expansion of social benefits in the country in order to support families further and cover a greater portion of the educational costs for children and students.

The plan will cost about $ 1.8 trillion over a decade. It should be funded through tax increases and more consistent collection of fees owed.

The first speech by a newly elected U.S. president in a joint session of the House and Senate on the U.S. Capitol is not considered the State of the Union speech, which is otherwise used annually. Biden’s first speech this way will not be due next year.

Most recently, in February of last year, Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, gave his State of the Nation address to Congress. The Republican has praised the successes of his presidency. Then Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, tore the manuscript of Trump’s speech in front of the cameras, causing a scandal. Presidents often use the annual speech to announce new initiatives or laws.

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