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US primaries: Biden unopposed

US primaries: Biden unopposed

The preliminaries of the US presidential election are in full swing. It is not yet clear which candidates will run against each other next September. Former US President Donald Trump is the clear favorite among Republicans, but his strong opponent, Nikki Haley, is also still in the race. The Democrats The candidate seems to have already decided the question relatively amicably. Joe Biden, 81, will run again for the Democratic presidential nomination. But Biden's poll numbers are currently suffering — partly because many citizens are dissatisfied with America's involvement in the Middle East conflict, and partly because young voters don't feel represented by him. How much support does the president still have within his own party? And are there serious rivals running against him in the party's internal elections? ZEIT ONLINE's international correspondent Rieke Havertz answers these and other questions.

If refrigerators, washing machines or cell phones break, it can be complicated and expensive for consumers. It is often difficult to find specific spare parts for electronic products, and it is more beneficial to throw away the old model and replace it with a new one. The European Union on Friday night agreed to a “right to repair” to reduce e-waste. Manufacturers of electrical equipment are not permitted to establish barriers that prevent independent repairers from repairing broken equipment. Also, spare parts like cell phone displays and replacement batteries should be offered at reasonable prices. Jakob von Lindern from ZEIT ONLINE's digital department explains how the new law should be implemented.

Everything but cleaning: is that nonsense coming from a woman? A football linguist explains this on TikTok.

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