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US primaries – USA expert Braml: “Justice for Haley ends after Super Tuesday”

US primaries – USA expert Braml: “Justice for Haley ends after Super Tuesday”

American expert Braml has said that Donald Trump cannot be stopped as the presidential candidate of the Republican Party. (Photo by Allianz/Associated Press/Takayuki Fuchigami)
Haley believes that Trump will be legally arrested and that she could be the last person in the race to replace him.

Trump, who has won all the Republican primaries so far, will be more or less unstoppable after next Tuesday's primaries, Braml emphasized.

“Trump achieves historic feat in primaries”

What Trump achieved in the primaries is history. He threw away many iron laws.

A large number of states will hold primary elections on Super Tuesday. It is the day when most delegates are nominated for the presidential election.

Braml also said Trump incited the mob when the Capitol was attacked. However, the only message voters get is that the legal actions are politically motivated. The Supreme Court must block Trump. But this “legal conflict” doesn't stop Trump from being the front-runner. If Trump becomes president, expect him to fire the attorney general or pardon himself for past crimes.

For incumbent Biden, who wants to run for the Democratic Party, Braml said age is not an issue. Instead, the 81-year-old often appears frail and confused.

This message was sent on March 3, 2024 in the Deutschlandfunk program.

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