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US report: Hundreds of Ukrainians disappeared in Kherson

Hundreds of Ukrainians were arrested and many more disappeared during the Russian occupation of Kherson, in southern Ukraine. This came from a study published yesterday by the American Yale University. The Conflict Monitor research group, whose work is supported by the US State Department, has counted 226 cases of unlawful detention and enforced disappearance. A quarter of the people are believed to have been tortured, and four of them died in captivity.

According to the report, the Russian military and the FSB were behind most of the cases. Those affected were men of military age, including civil servants, teachers, law enforcement personnel, and journalists.

Sources were also quoted as saying that after the Russian occupiers captured Kherson in March, lists of names and license plates were used to target people they thought might oppose them.

While some detainees have been released, many are still being held or missing since the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kherson on November 11.

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