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The UN General Assembly does not accept Afghanistan and Myanmar

The UN General Assembly does not accept Afghanistan and Myanmar

Myanmar should stay out
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The new governments of Afghanistan and Myanmar are not allowed to send any representatives to the UN General Assembly for the foreseeable future. On Monday, it joined, without a vote, a motion put forward by a committee last week to postpone a decision on the competing proposals of old and new leaders. The commission is unlikely to reconsider the case until the end of 2022.

Reuters learned from several diplomats ahead of his recommendation that former UN ambassadors be allowed to keep their posts if they are postponed. The United States, China and Russia were among the nine countries that participated in the commission.

Accepting representatives of the radical Islamist Taliban movement from Afghanistan or the military government of Myanmar into a group of 193 countries would be a step toward international recognition. The Taliban had forcibly seized power from the internationally recognized government in Kabul in mid-August. Your spokesperson, Suhail Shaheen, has nominated your new ambassador. Myanmar’s military overthrew the government of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi in February. You want to send high-ranking military representative Aung Thorin to New York. In both cases, the former ambassadors requested that they be allowed to retain their posts. This practice was used in Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, when the Taliban first took control of the country.

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