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US Secretary of Defense Austin returns to the hospital

US Secretary of Defense Austin returns to the hospital

Nearly two weeks after his secret hospital stay, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hospitalized again yesterday. A Pentagon spokesman said he was being treated for “symptoms suggestive of a bladder problem.” The 70-year-old will continue to do his official work at the clinic. Austin's prostate cancer was discovered and operated on the previous year.

After a minor procedure on December 22, Austin initially went home. He was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital on January 1 due to complications. However, this was not reported to the White House until January 4 and Congress the next day. US President Biden did not learn of his cancer diagnosis until January 9. The White House and the Pentagon have begun internal investigations into the case.

Austin returned to work at the Pentagon on January 29. Shortly before that, as a result of a follow-up examination, two doctors announced that the cancer had been “treated early and effectively.” Austin's prognosis is “excellent.” Republican lawmakers demanded the dismissal of the Secretary of Defense. Biden, a Democrat, criticized the lack of communication, but said he still has confidence in his defense secretary.

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