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US – Trump incites supporters against lawyers

US – Trump incites supporters against lawyers

Concerns about riots have been mounting since former US President Donald Trump launched a verbal attack on investigators. The district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, contacted the FBI. “We must work together to ensure that Atlanta does not experience a tragedy like Capitol’s on January 6, 2021, and that the public is safe,” the U.S. media quoted lawyer Fanny Willis as saying.

He is being investigated for alleged electoral fraud. The background to this is the call of the then-already-elected President to the Secretary of State in charge of elections in Georgia, Brad Raffensberger, in early January 2021. Trump openly called. At the time, Rafenberger was collecting enough votes to win the election in the United States. The Republican Party continues to refuse to concede defeat in the November 2020 election.

Trump spoke over the weekend about “serious” and “malicious” lawyers in Texas. He believes that if they do something “illegal,” there will be “the biggest protests we have ever seen in this country in Washington DC, New York, Atlanta and elsewhere.” Prosecutors followed him. “Actually, they are not following me. They are following you,” he told the cheering crowd. After Trump’s provocative speech, his supporters besieged the American capital a year ago.

An arbitral tribunal in Georgia is scheduled to hear the allegations in early May. In his letter to the FBI, attorney Willis now expressed “security concerns” about the appointment. There are several trials going on in the United States against Trump.