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US wants to supply Ukraine with Abrams tanks

“New York Times”

US wants to supply Ukraine with Abrams tanks

A US Army M1 Abrams tank.

Nicholas Armour/dpa

The United States has previously insisted that it does not consider it prudent to deliver Abrams tanks to Ukraine for practical reasons. According to US media, 30 to 50 tanks may now be promised.

According to several American media reports, the United States now wants to supply Ukraine with Abrams main battle tanks. This was reported by the New York Times citing insiders. According to the newspaper, there could be an official confirmation this Wednesday. The newspaper wrote that it could be 30 to 50 tanks.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that a U.S. announcement for a large number of M1 Abrams could come later this week. According to this, US President Joe Biden reportedly promised President Olaf Scholz in a phone call last week that such a delivery would be verified. Neither the White House nor the Pentagon have officially confirmed the reports.

Not long ago, it was learned from coalition sources that the federal government, after weeks of back-and-forth, was delivering German Panther 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine and wanted to let the coalition partners do the same. The President’s House has not commented on this yet. Recently there were reports that Chancellor Olaf Scholes (SPD) had made the delivery of Abrams tanks a condition. Berlin and Washington rejected these reports. The US has previously insisted that it did not consider it prudent to provide the Abrams tank for practical reasons.

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