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US Warning to Hardware Companies: Warranty Should Not Restrict Right to Repair

US Warning to Hardware Companies: Warranty Should Not Restrict Right to Repair

If manufacturers offer a warranty, they must honor the legal right of the US consumer to repair. The US Trade Commission FTC reminds Asrock, Gigabyte and Zodac in stern warning letters. These companies sell computer hardware including gaming computers, graphics cards and motherboards. Gigabyte and Zotac use stickers that display unacceptable and legally ineffective warnings: “Warranty void when removed”.


This means: If the sticker is removed or damaged, the warranty will expire. Such stickers are often found on screws or other objects that must be moved to open a device or replace a component. At Asrock, officials have included a clause in the warranty conditions: If the housing is opened or optional parts are removed or added, the warranty will also expire.

SUCH LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTY According to the FTC Since 1975, contracts with consumers in the United States have been illegal if the product costs more than five dollars. Of course, manufacturers are not required to provide any guarantees; But if they do so expressly or impliedly, they must comply with relevant federal law Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act catch It prohibits binding to the purchase of certain other products or the use of certain services – for example, the purchase of certain brands of components or the use of selected repair workshops. There are two exceptions to this prohibition: replacement parts and repairs are free, or if the FTC has granted an exemption.

But power doesn't have that. As such, Azraq, Gigabyte and Zotac are threatening legal action if they do not correct unacceptable claims regarding their warranty terms within 30 days and/or rely on these clauses. Similarly, the FTC is suing four air filter manufacturers and one treadmill manufacturer for improperly tying the equipment manufacturer's filters, its replacement parts, or the use of certain repair providers. The Authority publishes these letters to remind all other entities of applicable US law.

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In the European Economic Area, a distinction must be made between guarantee and guarantee. Warranties are regulated by law and in many cases mandatory; Freedom of contract applies to the construction of additional warranties;