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USA: An 83-year-old man has trained cats to steal from a neighbor


March 23, 2022 – 10:38 pm Clock

Cats are not exactly known to be easy to train. An 83-year-old woman from Columbus, Ohio, is said to have done this. And he is not said to have taught his animals any tricks: according to several media reports, Ruth Krexon is said to have trained cats to steal from a neighbor. Sounds like a crazy story? That’s it, because it was completely developed, RTL research shows.

American satire site mocks stealing cats

The woman who raises 65 cats for stealing? The media continues to publish the bizarre story of the threatening woman and her cat herd. But this first came from the American satire site World News Daily Report. A site with the caption “Where facts don’t matter” should not be taken lightly.

Cats were stolen from Columbus by neighbors

The satire report says the cats stole jewelry and other valuables from a neighbor. Despite initial suspicions, investigators launched a surveillance operation. Surprising things came out: the stealing animals are said to have brought home all the glitter.

Not only that! The satirical magazine also wrote that officers searched the home and found nearly 600,000 euros worth of stolen goods. Catwoman Ruth Craxon only feeds her cats when they steal something from neighbors.

The story of the thief cats has been circulating on the internet for years

Many readers loved the story so much that they wanted to believe it. Because while not a single word of the 2017 story is true, it is well on the internet. The myth has been around for years now and is considered true in many cases.

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Many media outlets show that the Lady of the Spirit is also in the picture. The female cat trainer in the photos is not Ruth Grexon, but a female named Helen Stadinger, RDL research shows. Stadinger was arrested in 2011 for firing on a neighbor. The 92-year-old woman, then 53, allegedly got angry because he did not respond to her attempts to flirt. The satirical magazine used a police photo from the case to confront the imaginary woman with the stolen cats.

Fake news is spreading fast all over the internet

The satire site quoted a Columbus police officer – all of which sounded like a real news article. There is also a civil servant named Kim Jacobs – as local broadcaster “abc6” writes on its website, she will officially retire in 2019. But their statements about stealing cats are probably fictional.

In particular, satire sites should not be taken lightly. It gets harder when other media pick up the story. Especially spread on the internet Fake news Very fast. The RTL Verification Team’s tips on how to recognize fake news can be found here. (Call)