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USA: Wins Trance Girl Swimming Tournament – Recognized as US Governor

United States
The U.S. governor has not recognized the title of transgender swimmer Leah Thomas as the winner

Leah Thomas in a swimming competition in January 2022


Leah Thomas wins historic victory as swimmer at the American College Championships in Atlanta. But no one wanted to recognize her.

Leah Thomas’ victory at the American College Championships in Atlanta is currently the subject of controversy. The reason: Thomas is a transgender, thus becoming the first transgender athlete to win the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) title in the highest category in the 500-yard freestyle. But this victory should not be recognized by a US government.

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis has signed a statement recognizing the success of another woman from his home state. This was reported by “Der Spiegel”, among others. DeSantis accused the NCAA of destroying opportunities for women: “Now the NCAA is trying to destroy the game of women, they are trying to undermine the integrity of the competition, and they are crowning someone else the women’s champion, and we think it’s wrong.”

Florida Athlete “Fastest Woman”

Several media outlets reported that Desantis had denied Leah Thomas success. Instead, Governor Sarasota conferred the title on Emma Wyand of Florida, who was defeated by Leah Thomas in 1.75 seconds in the same match. According to him, the winner of the event is a newcomer to the University of Virginia and an Olympic silver medalist.

“She had the fastest time of any woman in college athletics,” Desantis said of Wyandot at a news conference. Ron DeSantis, considered a close ally of former President Donald Trump, is still being touted as the 2024 presidential candidate.

Gender debate in the United States

Three years ago, Leah Thomas still competed as a man in swimming competitions. The University of Pennsylvania team questioned his eligibility, saying they had an unfair physiological advantage over Thomas. Prior to the match, a small group of protesters with banners complained about transgender swimming participation. After his victory, Thomas received only a round of applause.

In February 2022, the US Swimming Association issued new guidelines for USA Swimming. In the future, testosterone limits should also be offered here, but it is not yet used.

Source: “Glass”


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