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USA: Border police arrest 213,000 people crossing the border from Mexico

The situation on the border between United States And Mexico Continues to intensify. About 213,000 people were caught trying to cross the border illegally in July, according to the U.S. Border Police to the CBP. According to officials, this is an increase of 172,000 people over the previous year and the highest level in a good 20 years.

The threshold of 200,000 migrants per month was last breached in March 2000. Most of those captured are currently being deported immediately by US authorities. The situation at the border has already worsened over the past few months: May The number of those arrested has risen to 180,000, From June to 189,000.

CBB border police said a quarter of the migrants caught in July were repeated offenders. Accordingly, they were taken away and deported at least a year ago. According to the CBP, the number of children and minors not caught at the border rose a quarter in July to nearly 19,000.

Government of the President Joe Biden Pressure is mounting as large numbers of migrants and refugees arrive along the southern border. Republicans accuse Democrat Biden of creating a border crisis with his liberal emigration policies.

The United States wants to expand online asylum applications

According to Reuters, the United States wants to expand its online asylum system to reduce border congestion. This system allows foreigners to apply for asylum in the United States using cell phones or computers. However, this has not yet been extensively tested. US Secretary of Defense Alejandro Myorgas spoke of the “unprecedented number of immigrants” on the southern border. Myorgas says nothing about which individuals are eligible for the new online asylum system.

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