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USA: Ice ring with sound technology

USA: Ice ring with sound technology

In September 2020, the American Figure Skating Club moved to a training area of ​​approximately 17,000 square meters in Boston’s Skating Club Norwood. Sound technology provided for sophisticated ice rink Pose professional.

Boston Skating Club is one of the premier figure skating clubs in New England and has been building a community for families and athletes for over 100 years. In September 2020, the skating club was relocated to a modern, nearly 17,000-square-meter training area in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Boston’s new ice rink skating club. Picture: Boston Skating Club

The new facility includes three ice rings – the Olympic-sized Denley E. Albright Performance Center – For figure skaters and hockey players of all skill levels. There is the Michelle Center for Sports Injury Prevention, the Strength and Conditioning Center for Skiers, the Dance and Dance Studio, the Frying Family Club Lounge, the Performance Center from above and the Club Library and Academic. Center.

The original building was built in 1938. It had a single ring with a sound system that suffered prolonged damage from wet conditions and prolonged use, and did not provide a clear, seamless audio experience during training and events. In recent years, the skating club has invested a lot of time in creating a design and vision for the next 100 years in collaboration with the club and the community.

The goal was to create a first-class figure skating facility with excellent sound experience for high-level figure skating events. According to Bose, this view is of the highest quality audio solution in terms of speech intelligence and music reproduction. This was especially true for the new 2,500-seat performance center because the club is a member of the American Figurine Skating Federation. Athletes in the snow, jury members and spectators in the arena can enjoy a great sound experience in the future.

The Bose Audio solution was developed by a team of experts in consultation with Doug Jackiebe, CEO of the Boston Skating Club and his team. The team includes Pete Thompson, an experienced design consultant and David Shapiro, an ACT Associates engineer. The ambient sound team worked to manage and execute the entire installation and programming of the system for the skating rink.

Daniel Covoni, co-vice president of Northstar Project and Real Estate Management, was responsible for the design and construction phases of the project. The developed audio system integrates the individual needs of multiple ice rings, conference rooms and public areas into one integrated solution.

At the heart of the new facility is the Olympic-level performance hub, which features ArenaMatch AM20 and AM40 speakers with 20 ° and 40 ங்கு vertical coverage angles, respectively. A ShowMatch SMS118 speaker extends the low frequency response to 29Hz, and offers a configurable PowerMatch PM8500N power amplifier for “concert-quality sound reproduction”.

In addition to ice hockey, it is also designed for figure skating.

In addition to ice hockey, it is also designed for figure skating. Picture: Boston Skating Club

The West Figure Skating Training Ring has a capacity of 1,500 spectators and is specially designed to meet the needs of various Figure Skating Championships. The system there uses ArenaMatch Utility AMU105 loudspeakers, which are specially designed for zone or front reinforcement, for compact design symmetrical sound, the ShowMatch SMS 118 speaker and the PowerMatch PM4500N and PM8500N power amplifiers.

The Eastern Multi-Purpose Ring is a multi-purpose ice rink intended for both ice hockey and figure skating. It is equipped with a ShowMatch sound system with a high-end sound quality and PowerMatch PM8500N Power Amplifier ShowMatch SMS 118 speaker for low frequency range. Bose professional productions were installed in public spaces and conference rooms for background music and announcements – from the Michelle Center to the Club Lounge. The resulting audio solution is designed to meet the needs of this feature.

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The audio solution developed in accordance with the Skating Club covers all parts. Since audio plays an important role in figure skating events at all levels, many years of planning and collaboration have really paid off, says Bose. The result is a world-class facility that any club can be proud of.

“We have had good experiences with Bose. They treated us like partners, not like one of many clients. Every member of the team has made significant contributions to the amazing outcome, ”said Daniel Covoni, co-chair of the Northstar Project and Real Estate Management. (Stadium World, 03/10/2022)