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USA: Kidnapper drops children on border wall

U.S. border guards rescue two children who fell from a four-meter-high wall by kidnappers on the Mexican border. The CBP, a border security agency, announced on Wednesday (local time) that there were two women, aged three and five, from Ecuador.

The sisters were examined at the hospital and are temporarily in the care of officers until they are handed over to Health Ministry officials. Border guards observed the incident Tuesday evening near Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and helped the children. The Border Guard released a video of a kidnapper sitting on a border fence, lifting a woman over a barrier and then dropping it on the U.S. side. Women are alone in the dark. The kidnappers are fleeing to the other side of the border.

US Secretary of Defense Alejandro Myorgas condemned the act: “The inhumane act of kidnappers abusing children and profiting from their parents’ frustration is criminal and morally reprehensible.”

The number of immigrants arrested on the U.S. southern border with Mexico has increased significantly recently. These include more children and young people. Nearly 9,500 homeless children crossed the border in February alone, more than twice as much as in December, according to border guards. Families and single adults will be evicted from U.S. authorities, but unaccompanied minors will not do so. President Joe Biden’s administration is under increasing pressure as the number of incoming immigrants increases dramatically.

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