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USA: Petrochemical plants closed due to Hurricane Ida.

The red area indicates the area around New Orleans, where Hurricane “Ida” hit the ground (Image: National Hurricane Center)

It’s the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina – it was supposed to come: when the hurricane “Ida” hit the office on Sunday, the effects of the winter storms in the south of the United States were half over. . A typhoon Type 4 hurricane hit the south of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana on Sunday evening, according to the European calendar, with winds of up to 250 kilometers per hour. Extensive power outages occur from large metropolitan areas. As a precautionary measure, many petrochemical companies closed a large number of refineries and plants in a controlled manner the previous day.

According to local media reports, the locations of the Lower Mississippi River, such as Baton Rouge, Blackwamine, Geismer, Taft, Belly Chase and a few others, have been particularly affected. Strikes have been reported for polyolefins, PVC, butadiene, butaneol and PR. It is not yet possible to predict when computers that are currently closed will be restarted. In addition, according to recent reports, seven major ports in the Gulf of Mexico have been temporarily shut down.

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