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USA: Lifeguards struck by lightning – dead – news abroad

Berkeley Township (US-Bundestad New Jersey) – A young lifeguard (19) was killed when lightning struck a beach on the northeast coast of the United States.

Seven others were injured, the other three lifeguards and four bathers. They were taken to hospitals and were unharmed.

“Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the young survivor who was killed in a devastating lightning strike on Berkeley Township Beach today, and we pray for the complete recovery of the wounded,” New Jersey Governor Bill Murphy wrote on Twitter.

Flowers were placed at the life support center in memory of the deceasedPhoto: Wayne Barry / AB

Pete Tordorelli was on a block from the beach when suddenly lightning struck at 4:30 pm local time. “It seemed a little cloudy in one direction, but the other was clear. It was the first lightning of the day,” he said. Two minutes later he heard sirens from police cars.

Thomas Daberoni was less than 100 meters from the lifeguard at a beach house. “Have you ever been to a radio show that breaks the sound barrier and you’re not ready for it?” The AB news agency quoted him. “It was about 100 times louder.”

“We went to the beach today and we are grateful for what you have done for us by ensuring our safety on the beach,” read a note on the lifeguard stand. Photo: Wayne Barry / AB

Police wrote on Facebook that they were investigating reports of lightning strikes in the area and would release more information as soon as it was found.

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