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USA: Russian military convoy before Kiev disbands – World

USA: Russian military convoy before Kiev disbands – World

US: Russian military contingent disbands in front of Kiev.
Russian Ministry of Defense news service via AP (Icon Image)

According to the US government, a kilometer-long Russian military vehicle is scattered in some places in front of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

A senior U.S. security official said Friday that some vehicles left the road and were parked in rows of trees. “They’re not going anywhere. It’s not like they’re going to Kiev all over the country.” On the contrary, the US government believes that vehicles can hide themselves well.

Russian military contingent dispersed in front of Kiev

“Ukrainians are constantly trying to find ways to attack vehicles,” the official said. It said there were no tactical reasons for the practice to accelerate convoy progress. The official could not provide accurate information on how far Kiev is already surrounded. To the northwest, the Russian army is about 15 kilometers from the city center. “Kiev is a big city,” he said. This means that Russian soldiers advanced at this point in and around the suburbs of the capital. Elsewhere they are still far away.

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