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USA - Search Trump: Sensitive Nuclear Weapons Material Found

USA – Search Trump: Sensitive Nuclear Weapons Material Found

Washington. When searching the villa of former US President Donald Trump in early August, investigators also found highly classified materials related to another country’s nuclear weapons, according to a media report. This was reported by the “Washington Post” newspaper on Tuesday evening (local time), citing informed circles. It was not clear which country it was.

Shortly after the operation on Trump’s home a month ago, the newspaper reported that the FBI’s federal police were also searching for classified documents about nuclear weapons there. The former president called it “dizziness.”

The newspaper has now written that some of the texts seized from Trump contain highly sensitive information and are usually so well-protected that many top national security officials have had no access to it. Only the president and some cabinet members can delegate other government officials to find out the details from him. For some covert US operations, only a few dozen people across government agencies are allowed to know their presence. Records are usually kept in secure facilities, under the supervision of an inspector.

Dozens of secret texts

On August 8, the FBI searched Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Task forces confiscated several chests containing more than 100 confidential documents, some of which were subject to the highest levels of security. Since Trump kept the papers in his private property after his tenure in office, he may have violated regulations. This is now under investigation. US law requires that the president’s letters, memos, email, faxes, and other written correspondence be archived for future generations.

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Trump criticized the authorities’ actions as politically motivated. For weeks, the Republican has been fueling speculation that he might run for a second term in the 2024 presidential election.

Early in May, the FBI examined 15 boxes of documents that Trump handed over to the National Archives after much prodding from Mar-a-Lago. Officials found 184 classified documents of different classification levels. Shortly thereafter, after a legal order was issued, Trump’s team turned over another 38 classified documents to the FBI, including 17 “top secret.” In total, there are at least 300 secret documents that the former president kept with him.

external auditor

Recently, a Florida judge granted Trump’s request and decided to appoint a neutral special representative to investigate the confiscated documents. At the same time, the FBI’s visibility was also turned off. This could slow down the investigation of the matter.

The US Department of Justice had previously announced that it did not consider hiring an external examiner necessary — not least because investigators had already completed examining the material.