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USA: Senator embarrassed himself by trash can hoax

A Republican politician in the United States has been ridiculed for his alleged public outcry over school trash cans.

Nebraska Senator Bruce Postelman said in a debate on school finance on Monday that he was “a little shocked” by stories of children dressing up as cats and dogs and teachers supporting it by placing trash cans.

“School children dress like cats or dogs”

The trend is called “fur,” he said, adding that “these are school children who dress up as animals – cats or dogs – during school days.” “They meow and bark and interact with their school and teachers that way. Now schools have to put trash cans in schools for these children to use. How can it be hygienic?”

Bostelman said Nebraska plans to raise the issue with health officials. Bizarre statements are documented in a video recording and cause misunderstanding and harm on the internet.

Although there really is a subculture for “fur”, those who dress up as animal characters, they are adults. “Fur” is often associated with the fetish scene.

Sorry for the fur

The rumor that Postellman appears to have been ignored is actually a surreal twist on the heated debate in the United States about transgender and transgender people’s right to use the toilet and participate in school sports.

Various versions of the story have been circulating over the past few months, affecting school districts in several U.S. states, all of which are misleading.

According to Postellman’s Democrat colleague Megan Hunt, a few hours later she realized her mistake and returned to parliament. As Hunt wrote on Twitter, the MP said he had checked on some schools and realized his information was incorrect. “He apologizes to the fur.”

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