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USA: Senator participates in debate via video link while driving car – Panorama

A senator from the state of Ohio is causing laughter and incredible reactions around the world. The Republican politician was involved in the state parliamentary debate via Zoom. Like the other participants, he seemed to be participating in the discussion from his home office. But on closer inspection I was able to see that Senator Andrew Brenner was wearing a seat belt.

Because in fact the legislature was not in his house, but in the car. He had filtered the home office background. But the seat belt and the technical malfunction that shows the real situation around his head betrayed the politician. The zoom conference on the wheel went viral at the worst possible moment because on the same day the state parliament debated a bill: it would penalize the use of cell phones while driving with severe fines.

Senator Brenner explains why he drove a car

The hands-free Ohio bill, introduced by the state Republican governor last year, makes it illegal to write, send, read, watch or record videos, take pictures, type on the phone and broadcast live and other device-related activities. Senator Brenner admitted in The Columbus Dispatch that he was driving the car during the call, but said, “I was not distracted. I focused on driving and heard it. Two meetings were held at different locations.”