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EU and US suspend penalty fees in Airbus-Boeing dispute

D.He said the European Union and the United States were suspending penalties in a dispute over subsidies for Airbus and Boeing. Commission chairman Ursula van der Leyen said on Friday after a phone call with new US President Joe Biden that both sides had initially agreed to suspend tariffs for four months in order to resolve the years-long smoking conflict. The White House in Washington issued a similar statement.

Van der Leyen quoted this result as “a symbol of a new beginning” in Atlantic relations. The day before, two trade representatives from Great Britain and the United States had agreed to the same procedure. In a recent interview with the FAZ, Commerce Commissioner Valdis Dombrovsky left the conflict with Fiden and worked on “how we want to shape the development of civil aviation manufacturers in the future.” This is about China.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has decided several times in recent years that Airbus and Boeing are being illegally subsidized with billions of dollars. In 2019, the World Trade Organization approved penalties for Americans on EU imports of $ 7.5 billion annually. By 2020, the EU will allow imports of $ 4 billion (3. 3.4 billion) in tariffs.

Trump is not the only first tariff

The European Union implemented its penalties in the autumn after the Biden election. This is explained by the fact that those in charge of the EU are not sure that the US trade policy stance will change under Fed. In fact, as soon as Biden took office his predecessor Donald Trump reversed many of his decisions, but it was noted with caution that he did not stop tariffs against the EU. In addition to the penalties in the Airbus-Boeing dispute, these are the charges levied by Americans under Trump for importing steel and aluminum. In both cases, the EU offered to suspend tariffs for half a year.

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